About Us


NTM Construction has experience of 36 years. Construction originated partnership enables to adopt a policy to be constantly innovative and open to improvement, brave and attack.
NTM Construction is within the every part of life via its construction of industrial facilities, logistical facilities, houses, special design projects and infrastructure projects.


  • Excellence

Using the latest technology in engineering and management science, high quality is always achieved. Through ongoing business processes, best practice and current practices are incorporated into the implementation plan, procedures and design baseline of the business.

  • Innovation

Every engineering detail in completed and ongoing projects is constantly questioned, reviewed, and innovative engineering solutions are continually explored and improved for better and more effective results.

  • Speed

Developing existing technologies is the desire of each project implementation group to support faster mobilizations and project completion goals. 

  • Sensitivity and Sustainability

NTM Construction is sensitive to the protection of the environment and natural resources in every project it performs. Taking into account the needs of future generations, it takes precautions not to put the ecological balance in danger.